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زينك هوا اول مطبعة اونلاين مستقلة بتضمنلك عملية سلسة في طباعة اي حاجة و بتوصلك لحد باب البيت من غير تضييع وقت, فلوس او مجهود و عشان قيمة نجاح اي بيزنس بتيجي من اظهار البراند بشكل محترف عن طريقة طباعة اكياس او كروت شخصية ,احنا دايما بندعمك من اول طباعة منتج واحد او كميه

في زينك عندنا الماكينات الخاصة بينا  يعني مش وسيط عند مطابع تانية فبكدا نقدر نضمن جودة احسن و سرعة توصيل عالية رغم ان زينك بيدخل السوق المصري موخرا فمن القأمين عليه كان عندهم مشاريع اخري تتضمن الاعتماد علي الطباعة بشكل كبير و فاهمين قد ايه انها لازم تبقي خدمة سريعة و يعتمد عليها بجودة عالية كمان  

كمان في زينك يهمنا تبقي فاهم كل ما يخص الطباعة عشان تاخد قرار الاحسن ليك من ناحية الخامة او الكمية عن طريق فيديوهات او مدونة بشكل شهري
zink print Egypt printing service in Egypt

Zink Print is the first online inclusive print house that guarantees hassle free printing experience delivered to your doorstep and spares you the time, effort and money wasted in your traditional printing journey through a normal print house.

While Zink starting its inception only in 2020, two of the partners had their own businesses since 2016 knowing the true importance of proper and reliable printing service.

At Zink, we have our own machinery to control the entire process of printing from the moment an order is made to it fulfillment and delivery. Our value proposition is simple. Time is money and reliability is key to your success, we strive to be your business partner while you focus on your core business without having to deal with the conventional hassles of printshops.

zink online printing service in Egypt
In such a short time we were able to work with some of the up and coming Egyptian start ups and small businesses like Breadfast, Vezeeta, El Menus and many more to come! And many aspiring new business owners and entrepreneurs.

We extend our value proposition in not only providing a reliable and high quality service, but also a service where we educate the average consumer about basic printing techniques, materials and prices according to quality. This will be provided frequently through informational blog posts and social media channels, so make sure to follow us.