3 Oddly Interesting Printing Mistakes You Did Not Know Of!

Mistakes and errors are part of the human nature, but when it comes to printing you must make sure that the last file you saved under the name of finalfinalfinalprint.PDF is actually the final copy. But sometimes errors take place either intentionally to create a marketing buzz or an unaccounted for mistake. We compiled the 3 most interesting printing mistakes that you did not know of!

1.Grey Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk's green skin was made due to a mistake in the printing process, originally it was given a grey skin when he was created to not be associated with any race or specific ethnic group. Because the grey color was not consistent, they decided to make him green which was easier to control.

2. IKEA Printing Error or a Marketing Stunt

IKEA in Bahrain made all people speak about their printing error, to an extent that people thought it was a marketing stunt. Promoting their new mattresses their ad copy  contained both Arabic and English versions,on the entrance of the store said " Create your perfect night's sleep"  for the English version where as the Arabic version stated " Same thing but in Arabic" literally! Then later they adjusted this error and said that this is what happens when you do not get a good night's sleep. Do you think it is an actual error or a marketing stunt?

ikea print error zink egypt


3. 97% Discount Sounds like a Deal

When you print a brochure or a flyer that contains pricing information, you must be careful which is exactly what Macy's, a large department store in America did not do. They mailed pricing catalogs with printing error for a necklace, instead of $ 1,500 they marked it at $47. Customers rushed to buy the necklace and it eventually sold out at a great expense of the company.